Paleo Diet while pregnant

Yesterday was a great day in terms of morning sickness.  I don’t know if it was because I ate right away when I woke up in the morning, if it’s the diet that I’ve been on, or that Sancho is amazing and is making it super easy for me to grow him, but I wasn’t queasy at all.  Though I must say that PaleoJoe was under the weather due to some chicken caeser salad that he ate somewhere.  Poor guy was indisposed from the time he got back from lunch to late in the evening.  😦

I, on the other hand, was feeling great!  I even went grocery shopping with the kids, made dinner, and took them to the local drive-in theaters to watch “Epic.”



Yeah…  I’m pretty awesome.

Anyhoo…  the original topic of this post was food.  What am I eating?

Most of my food and recipes can be found here:

That’s my food and recipe blog.  I am a big fan of cooking and baking.  Over there you will find all sorts of recipes, and perhaps even the same posts about any physical activity I did over the weekend.  They are separate at the moment because we have yet to tell anyone that we’re expecting.  It is also still early in the pregnancy and you know how there’s that wait period where you’re not in the clear?  So you wait and wait until the doc says, “You’re good to go!”  That’s pretty much what we’re doing.

Eventually, when the cat is out of the bag, I will figure out how to combine the two blogs so that it’s all in one place.  Until then, there’s the two.

My food schedule… typical breakfast these past two weeks has been a glass of milk and 3 hard boiled eggs.  I used to be able to tolerate a banana, but the smell…  Sometimes I’ll have one of my homemade muffins (Gluten/Sugar Free Banana Date Muffins), but that’s only if I had made some.  About 2 hours later I get a bit hungry again.  The office is usually stocked with fruit or nuts so I partake in some of that.  Lunch is about two hours later and I have whatever PaleoJoe and I had meal prepped on Sunday.  Another Paleo friendly snack 2 hours later and then it’s off to home where I cook dinner and then will most likely have another snack before I go to bed.  Sometime in my day I will take my prenatal vitamin.  I also drink plenty of water.  I’ve got a bottle of water at my desk that I will drink and refill throughout the day.

Every two hours.  That’s when I’m eating.  Do I cheat?  Of course.  I’m pregnant.  😛 Though most of the time I’ll take a look at my food of desire and then realize that I could do better.  Yes, I will sometimes give in to the temptation.  I’m only human.

I’ve been very lucky with the morning sickness.  I hope it continues on like this.  As stated in a previous post, my last two kind of sucked.  I’m crossing my fingers!!


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